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Physiotherpay Centers visits are sometimes real pain, but we try to be there for you when you need us, at your preferred time. Simply follow these few steps to ensure a stressless visit.


Check Your Mobile Constantly

We will inform you about your Therapy Session by SMS/Phone Call.


Make Sure Arrive before 10 minutes early for your Therapy Session, inform Reception team


Coordinate with Reception team in order to manage and Schedule therapy session for you


Once you finish session Visit Reception team ask for your next Session OR Cashier for outstanding amount


Maximum working hours

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  • Our No Show Policy (Read)
Our No Show Policy (Read)
Quality care for our patients is our priority. Please take a few minutes to review our no-show policy.

 Definition of a “No-Show” Appointment

Adam Vital Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre defines a “No-show” appointment as any scheduled appointment in which the patient either:

– Does not arrive to the appointment.

– Cancels on the same day of the appointment.

– Arrives more than 25 minutes late and is consequently unable to be attended for a treatment session.

 Impact of a “No-Show” Appointment

“No-show” appointments have a significant negative impact on Adam Vital Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre and the healthcare we provide to our patients. When a patient “no-shows” a scheduled appointment it:

– Potentially decreases benefits to the patient if failed to show up for the treatment sessions.

– Is unfair to other patients that would have taken the appointment slot.

– Disrupts the other patients’ future schedule of appointments to be slotted in because of “No Show” without prior notice.

How to Avoid Getting a “No-Show”

  1. Confirm the appointment
  2. Arrive 5-10 minutes early
  3. Give 24 hours’ notice to cancel appointment
  1. Appointment Confirmation

Adam Vital Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre will contact one business day before the scheduled appointment to confirm the visit. If patient is unable to speak with us and have to leave a message, the patient needs to contact Adam Vital Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre as soon as possible, a day before the appointment – otherwise the appointment will be cancelled and marked as a “no-show”.

  1. Always Arrive 5-10 Minutes Early

When the patient schedules an appointment with us, we expect him/her to arrive at the clinic 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled visit. This allows time for the patient and our staff to address any insurance or billing questions and or to complete any necessary paperwork before the scheduled visit.

  1. Give 24 Hours’ Notice if Patient Needs to Cancel

When patient needs to cancel or rebook a scheduled visit, it is expected to contact the clinic no later than 24 hours before the scheduled visit. This allows us a reasonable amount of time to determine the most appropriate way to reschedule the treatment as well as giving us the opportunity to rebook the now vacant appointment slot with another patient. If it is less than 24 hours before the appointment and something comes up, patient should give us the courtesy of a phone call.

Consequences of “No-Show” Appointments

If the patient missed 2 consecutive appointments without any information/valid reason for no show, the future appointments will be deleted from our module/system. However, will be rescheduled upon assurance of complete attendance to new schedule.

Adam Vital reserves the right to give the missed appointments to other patients in the case of non-attendance or inconsistent keeping up of appointments.

Public Holidays Date and Timing Check with Adam Vital Reception Team

New Year’s Day
Isra Wal Mi’raj*
Beginning of Ramadan*
Eid Al Fitr*
Arafat (Haj) Day*
Eid Al Adha*
Hijri New Year’s Day*
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UAE National Day

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System will send request to Reception team about your Selected therapist, Reception Team will check the Schedule and contact you for confirmation or alternative solution

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Physiotherapy is a cornerstone of Adam Vital. Started on 2012, Adam Vital has an extended provision of the best physical therapy and rehabilitation services and making advancements in the practice through research. With years of combined experience, we can maximize your body’s ability to heal, move and do all the things you need to. Like getting you back to work. Back to play. And back to the pain-free life you once lived. You’ll find fast, effective relief at Adam Vital Physiotherapy and
Rehabilitation Center.

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