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Status : Event Completed 1st April 2017

Open Running School Day: Starting Time 11:00 am till 1:00 PM

We would love to announce and invite all the athletes, coaches and their Teams to join Us

Status : Closed 1st April 2017


1.    Introduction of Running School methodology
2.    Biomechanical & functional Movement analysis


Movement & Rehabilitation Analysis

The Rehabilitation & Movement Analysis is where look at your current movement, your limitations, your pain level and your goals for returning to fitness – whether it’s just to walk without pain or to return to elite sport.  This will help us recommend and develop personalised rehabilitation and movement sessions.

Pedalo At Adam Vital Pedalo Training

Are you ready to move? So let us make you move!
We have much more for you
Join us Today At 12:00 PM

At Adam Vital Pedalo Training Last day 25/10/2017 Few Photos.





Sports medicine is seen as a revolution in physical therapy health care. At Adam Vital, we promote not only fitness with sports medicine, but also help individuals prevent injuries and recommend the proper training and nutritional regime to help them achieve the best way to life. Our clinic has physiotherapists, sports medicine specialists, and trainers that help us in providing accurate and precise sports medicine results.





Running is something you are born with and is the most natural thing to do next to walking. Everyone has his or her own unique running style. However most people haven’t been taught how to run.

The Adam vital Running School believes that running is a life skill and just like any other skill it can be taught, it can be developed, and it can be improved through a systematic and progressive training approach. First we teach you to run, and then we teach you to run faster; regardless of age, ability level, or state of physical wellness.




Orthopedic physical therapy is dedicated to diagnosis, management, and treatment of musculoskeletal  ailments. The healing concept works around muscles and bone disorders and  rehabilitates  patients’  pre  and  post  orthopedic  surgery  through  preventive  and corrective therapies.


Based on the assessment and depending on your individual needs, our well-trained physiotherapists  utilize  a  wide  variety  of  skills  and  treatment  procedures,  including modalities   like   dry   needling,   joint   and   spine   mobilization,   therapeutic   exercise, neuromuscular reeducation, electrical muscle stimulation, cry therapy, “iontophoresis” and electrotherapy to expedite recovery. With its reliable results, patients at Adam Vital Orthopedic Physiotherapy division have experienced impressive benefits.


Scoliosis Therapy – a program that includes strengthening and stretching routine, which will keep the soft tissues and joints of a person having scoliosis limber. This will also help the body begin to strengthen muscles.

About Us


Physiotherapy is a cornerstone of Adam Vital. Started on 2012, Adam Vital has an extended provision of the best physical therapy and rehabilitation services and making advancements in the practice through research. With years of combined experience, we can maximize your body’s ability to heal, move and do all the things you need to. Like getting you back to work. Back to play. And back to the pain-free life you once lived. You’ll find fast, effective relief at Adam Vital Physiotherapy and
Rehabilitation Center.

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