Katharina Ringer


Languages Spoken

German, English

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Katharina graduated as a physiotherapist from Konmed in Konstanz, Germany in 2007. She has been with Adam Vital Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre since 2012 and before that, she worked in Munich for four years. During that time, she focused on treatment of various musculoskeletal disorders, neuro disorders, orthopaedics, preventive back care training, medical training therapy and hydrotherapy.

When she first came to the UAE in 2010 she was the personal physiotherapist of Faris Al-Sultan (Ironman World Champion and Ironman European Champion) and his Abu Dhabi Triathlon Team, supporting them in their training and competitions.

Professional Background


    • Manual therapy combined with active exercises.
    • Neurodynamics and musculoskeletal disorders.
    • Treatment of shoulder disorders and postoperative rehabilitation.
    • Assessment and treatment of spine deformities like Scoliosis with Schroth therapy.
    • Treatment of spinal instability, acute and chronic back pain, spinal disc herniation and stenosis, pelvic floor muscle rebuilding and diastasis recti exercises.
    • Experience working with triathletes, swimming and running athletes.
    • Evaluation and Treatment of Dizziness and Balance Disorders.

    Educational Background

    • Manual Therapy from Dieter Vollmer.
    • ISST International Schroth Scoliosis Therapy.
    • Pelvic Floor and Continence Assessment and Management.
    • Spt-education Sports physiotherapy.
    • Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
    • Myofacial release with SMART TOOLS (IASTM Tools).