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About Adam Vital Running School

Running is something you are born with and is the most natural thing to do next to walking. Everyone has his or her own unique running style. However most people haven’t been taught how to run.

The Adam vital Running School believes that running is a life skill and just like any other skill it can be taught, it can be developed, and it can be improved through a systematic and progressive training approach. First we teach you to run, and then we teach you to run faster; regardless of age, ability level, or state of physical wellness.



What we are very good at doing, is coaching you to make the necessary changes to get you moving better and running faster.

The Running School Coaching program involves analyzing, running biomechanics, and creating tailored coaching sessions to improve running technique, performance and above all enjoyment. The training program is based on an individual’s  fitness ability and initially involves six training sessions and a training schedule to follow in their own time.

Based on your objectives and what you are trying to achieve, we use our coaching methodology, step-

by-step guidance, training program, and a lot of motivation (and your hard work!) to help you achieve your goals. We believe that everyone has the ability to improve their running technique and their speed if they know how.

The Running School philosophy can be broken down into 3 progressive steps!

  1. 1. MOVE BETTER. Whether the individual is a beginner or someone who is returning from injury, it is likely they are not moving as well as they need to be. One of the first things we do is a detailed Biomechanical Analysis and Functional Movement Analysis. Through this we identify their weaknesses and movement issues. We believe that if someone is not moving efficiently they will not be able to run efficiently.
  1. 2. RUN BETTER. Where do we start? Regardless of the individual’s level, we start by teaching them the efficient running technique and changing their movement patterns. We do this through our unique coaching methodology and training methods, to help them achieve their goals.
  1. 3. RUN FASTER. Once we have improved an individual’s technique and movement efficiency then we can work on improving their speed. This is based on their objectives, event and of course this is dependent on the time and commitment that they have to their training, strength and recovery. We have developed a number of different speed protocols that we have used successfully with both amateur and professional athlete

Another major function of The Running School is helping people get back to full fitness after injury or surgery through our Movement Rehabilitation and fitness program. Repetitive inefficient movement can

lead to injuries and loss of form and then we struggle to get back to full fitness and speed.


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How Does IT Works ?

When you sign-up to the Running School you get six Training Sessions.

In the first session – we spend time analyzing and assessing your Biomechanics – the way you move, jog and run. We look at any weaknesses you may have through our unique Running School Movement Screen and then we start correcting your biomechanics.

The next five Training sessions are dedicated to teaching and coaching the correct technique, based on your fitness level and what you want to achieve.

We also give you homework! Training programs that you can follow when you are on your own. Don’t worry if you can’t run long distances or haven’t run for years – The training will be based on your individual fitness level.

Biomechancial Movment Analysis

In the biomechanical analysis we start by assessing your Biomechanics i.e. the way you move, the way you walk and jog. We look at any weaknesses through our unique Running School Movement Screen and then by taking both of these elements into consideration we explain how we can reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance.


This session is also the most important because we look at the weaknesses of the body in the movement. How your body reacts to the change of movement going from walking to running and from running to sprinting. Balanced biomechanics, form, and technique are key factors to running faster, more efficiently, and injury-free. Correct running form ensures that we create and maintain linear momentum, reduce joint impact, minimize energy loss and maximize efficiency and economy. The application of Biomechanical, Gait and Movement Analysis and video documentation helps us to identify any weaknesses and the underlying causes for weaknesses in walking, running, and sprinting. The results help us to develop individualized, technique and performance programs for people and professional athletes.

Functional Movement Analyses

The Functional Movement Analyses is a practical assessment tool consisting of a series of functional movements that allow us to identify compensations or dysfunction in movement, muscle activation, and firing sequences of the neuromuscular system.

Our qualified team is looking forward to assist and  support you in your sports achievement and goals.

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