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Through  IsoMed  Technology,  Adam  Vital  Physiotherapy  &  Rehabilitation  Center provides Isokinetic testing with a computer-driven machine specially designed to test muscle strength and analyze movements of joints for the purpose of training with a defined speed Isokinetic testing is done by isolating muscle group movement to evaluate the currently absolute or relative muscle stretch and power situation under static or dynamic conditions. The result of the  test  helps  therapists  identify  muscle  imbalances  or  a  mobilization  deficit,  which  often contribute to pain and injuries in sports or in work, and helps them design suitable therapy and isokinetic training program.

Isokinetic Training

In this, the muscle contracts and shortens at constant speed and usually slowest at the start. This is the fastest program to increase muscle strength evenly all through the range of movement.

November 14, 2017by admin

Photos: The Running School Open Day on 6th May 2017 Session: Closed

November 14, 2017by admin

Running School Event 1st April 2017, Event Status : Closed

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Physiotherapy is a cornerstone of Adam Vital. Started on 2012, Adam Vital has an extended provision of the best physical therapy and rehabilitation services and making advancements in the practice through research. With years of combined experience, we can maximize your body’s ability to heal, move and do all the things you need to. Like getting you back to work. Back to play. And back to the pain-free life you once lived. You’ll find fast, effective relief at Adam Vital Physiotherapy and
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