Rouba Younes


Languages Spoken

Arabic, French, English

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Rouba graduated as a physiotherapist and received her Bachelor’s degree from Saint Family University in Lebanon in 2009.

She started to work as a physiotherapist in 2010 at the Dubai Mall Medical Centre and International Modern Hospital, Dubai where she treated mainly sports injury cases, musculoskeletal injuries, neurology cases and respiratory diseases.

In 2012 she worked as Head of the Physiotherapy Department at American Spine Centre, DHCC, Dubai where she treated patients mainly with spine problems pre and post surgeries.

Rouba joined Adam Vital Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in 2016 where she works mainly with rheumatology and musculoskeletal complaints, neurology cases, pre and post sport injuries and spine problems.

Professional Background


    • Providing an individual history and physical examination.
    • Manual therapy and range of motion techniques to improve the mobility of the joints.
    • Myofacial release techniques to release tight muscles and trigger points.
    • Postural correction and gait training strategies.
    • Stretching, strengthening and proprioception exercises which can improve muscles endurance and strength.
    • Pre and post-operative protocols.
    • Performing dry needling therapy to release trigger points, reduce pain and improve range of motion.
    • Providing life style and postural education in order to improve functional activities in daily life.

    Educational Background

    • Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy.
    • McKenzie therapy.
    • Dry needling therapy.