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Running School Programme

Running School

Running is an innate ability and is the most natural thing to do after walking. Everyone has his or her own unique running style, which may not be optimal, and he or she probably does not even know that.

Our Adam Vital Running School programme is tailored to enhance your athletic performance and let you run the right way. At Adam Vital we provide a series of systematic and progressive training approaches to take your running to the next level.

As a first step, we train you to run correctly, and then enable you to improve your speed to run faster – regardless of age, ability level, or state of physical wellness.

Who is the Adam Vital Running School programme suitable for?

Our Running School programme is designed for:

  1. Improved Running
  2. Rehabilitative Running

Improved Running

Our programme is customised for people who want to run better and optimise their running style and speed. This could include

  1. Beginner runners
  2. Recreational runners
  3. Distance runners
  4. Sprinters
  5. Triathletes

Rehabilitative Running

Our Movement Rehabilitation and Fitness programme helps people get back to full fitness after injury or surgery with our specially created programmes.

With your fitness goals and needs in mind, our therapists will recommend and develop personalised rehabilitation and movement sessions suited to enable you to run effectively.

Why choose Adam Vital Running School?

At Adam Vital Running School we are committed to help you move better, run better and run faster to maximise your physical wellness. What makes us different?

  1. Customised training programmes.
  2. Advanced diagnostic techniques.
  3. Specialised coaching methodology.
  4. Internationally qualified physiotherapists.
  5. Continuous guidance and follow ups.

You choose wisely when you choose the Adam Vital Running School Programme and optimise your running in the right way.

At Adam Vital Running School we have a comprehensive, customised programme so your needs are met. Each therapy is individually designed to suit your pace, so that you enjoy the therapy sessions.

Adam Vital Running School Programme

The Adam Vital Way
1. Discuss and set running goals

Have a discussion about your running goals, and how we work together to coach you to move better and run faster.

2. Running technique analysis

Our programme involves analysing your current running style to assess any dysfunction in movements. We run a biomechanical analysis to identify steps to reduce the risk of injury or to improve your performance or both.

3. Create a tailor-made training programme

Based on your objectives and biomechanical analysis, our therapist will use our in-house coaching methodology, provide step-by-step guidance and create a training programme suited to your needs.

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