Physiotherapy encompasses rehabilitative programmes that improve or restore human motor functions, maximise movement ability, relieve acute and chronic pain syndromes, and treat or prevent physical challenges associated with injuries, diseases and other impairments.

At Adam Vital we provide one-on-one physiotherapy treatment sessions with the purpose to restore, improve, and maximise our patients’ range of motion, physical strength, function, and overall wellbeing.

How we work: On your first visit to Adam Vital Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre your condition is thoroughly assessed and an individual treatment plan is designed according to the therapy best suited to your situation. Our physiotherapists follow an integrative treatment method and are trained to identify and isolate the root causes of health issues rather than simply addressing the symptoms. They take the patient’s lifestyle into account, evaluate and diagnose movement dysfunction and recommend specifically designed exercises, using the latest equipment to help restore his/her normal physical activities.

We have hand-picked, highly experienced physiotherapists who are internationally trained with years of expertise in their respective disciplines.

Specialised Physiotherapy for varied needs

Adam Vital Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Nad Al Hammar, Dubai is a Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Centre, offering a range of physiotherapy services, including treatment of acute and chronic pain, sports therapy and post-surgery or injury rehabilitation.


Index Holding Building,Nad Al Hamar Rd,Dubai,UAE


Sunday - Thursday : 9am-8pm
Saturday : 9am-8pm
Friday : Closed

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